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sâmbătă, 6 decembrie 2014

Moldova – German Europe Buys Another Election in Eastern Europe

Prioritate de Dreapta

German Foreign Policy reports that, after national elections in Moldova (another area of traditional Russian influence, 5% Russian and 8% Ukrainian, whose 75% Moldovan population speak Rumanian) three parties – each supported and ideologically influenced by German “political foundations” – achieved a majority so that the country will move further towards takeover by the ever expanding European Union – or “German Europe” as we have long called it. Certainly the overwhelming recent German manipulations in Ukraine, Rumania and Moldova now prove it without doubt!
This comes a few weeks after neighbouring Rumania was similarly blessed by the electoral victory of a German backed political party.
The Moldovan election was seriously manipulated when one of the parties which opposed moves towards the EU and of course was NOT aided by German “support” but was pro Russian and heading for some 18% of the vote, was excluded from the election and some voting papers were excluded from the count. One political party suddenly arose from nowhere using similar logos and names to another party and taking votes from the opposition (but staying under the percentage required to get into parliament). Thus they helped the EU friendly coalition in to power!!
The three extremely well funded German Foundations are each attached to the three main German Parties – the Christian Democrats (the Konrad Adenauer Foundation) the Social Democrat Party (the Friedrich Ebert Foundation) and the Free Democratic Party (the Friedrich Naumann Foundation). They are active throughout Europe and indeed throughout the world, funded by the German State and promoting the political and economic beliefs of their respective parties. The Friedrich Naumann foundation supports a Moldovan Party which supports joining Rumania, even though only some 15 % of Moldovans support such a move.
Moldova, like other “Eastern Partnership” countries which are being tempted by EU funds (including substantial monies from the UK’s £18 billion pa EU contribution!) away from their traditional association with Russia, has received over Euro 150m since 2009 – for a tiny population of 3.5 million! Despite initial support for EU membership Moldovan support for Berlin/Brussels has now fallen by a half to only 35% while 43% want to turn to Moscow.
But the above gross manipulations of the democratic process excluded any prospect of the people’s will being reflected in the parties elected to parliament! What a taste of ‘democracy” these poor benighted eastern Europeans are getting!!
As in Ukraine the ubiquitous Oligarchs – individuals controlling vast areas of post communist privatised industries – are everywhere influencing the political process and fitting so well into the corporatist supranational power play of Washington and Berlin.
A spokeswoman for the German Greens even had the nerve to say that “The vote shows that the Moldovans want the rule of law, the removal of corruption and modernisation”. Well it is certainly European “modernity” – no respect for nationhood, contemptuous of democracy, pushing EU hegemony ever further to the East and a ruthless belief that the EU imperialist end justifies the corporatist fascist means!

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"A bit more German Ruled"




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Un nou articol care trebuie tradus şi răspândit.

Pentru asta însă deja cred că trebuie să fugim în munţi.
Când traduceam nu-mi era frică de-ai noştri.
Acum însă mi-e frică de ocupaţia germană. Ăştia sunt în stare să ne omoare...

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"Reziproka !"

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